Brexit Analysis – Do You Know What Does This Mean for Us?

The result of the Brexit election was a complete surprise for everyone. To explain it a bit, Brexit is a combination of Brit (Great Britain) with exit, which was born when the UK was discussing whether to leave the European Union or not. Said decision was put up to a vote, which ended with the majority of the British being in favor of leaving the EU.

The referendum was held in 2016, and over 30 million British, Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish citizens voted. This result had a big impact around the world and will have several consequences.

What Is The EU?

The EU is the acronym of the European Union, an international organization in which 28 countries of Europe are included. In it, measures, treaties, dialogues are carried out, and political, economic, and social decisions are taken. It has become the marketing center of the European states.


Obviously, the European Union alongside the United Kingdom has had to agree on certain issues, since the UK one of the most important countries in the organization, while also being the one with the most commercial agreements with other European countries.

Among those topics to be discussed are the issue of Great Britain’s borders, the case of immigrants arriving in that country, and other foreign citizens who are living in the UK, issues that must be solved before their official departure.

UK Exit

Legally, the United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union in 2019. An article was invoked  in the Treaty of Lisbon, in which  a 2 years waiting period is established to define and agree on any decisions and terms before any country’s departure. Said negotiation was started by the UK’s Prime Minister in 2017.

The United Kingdom will practically be released from any agreement or treaty that the European Union previously established. They will be able to agree on their own commercial agreements with the countries of their choosing, as well as having complete autonomy regarding any other political, social, and cultural decisions to be made.