History is one of the most important subjects ever. History is a method of human, social, and natural sciences which teaches us about the events that shaped in every aspect the society we know today. Thus, moments, characters, and dates that made a difference in different societies were properly documented.

Politics also rely on history, since through it you can access any relevant information to learn new facts, relevant people, and moments that will always be a reference in the political field.

These two subjects are certainly important. History studies the past and politics based on the mandate and organization of human societies throughout the years but using doctrines and iconic characters in the history of politics as a reference.

My name is Jacob Foster and I am passionate about history and politics. That’s why this blog was born. Although years don’t define our intelligence or wisdom, my years (I am 45) have made me become more and more passionate about these two subjects each time I research, read a new article, or discover a new author.

That’s why I wanted to create this blog, in which I will be publishing any type of information and relevant articles about some historical and political events.