The 6 Worst Dictators you’re Ever Going to Find in Any History Book

The world has witnessed many politicians with very controversial mandates. Being classified as dictators, because of the tyranny they implemented during their governments and the number of deaths, injustices, and human rights violations suffered by their entire countries. So, here we present some of the worst dictators you’re ever going to find in any history book:


He was the leader of the Russian Revolution. During his mandate, thousands of people were victims of human rights violations, he expropriated lands and companies that were later nationalized. Also, millions of people disappeared without a trace.


He carries the responsibility for the deaths of over 10 million people, killing anyone who expressed their disagreement with his ideas.

Vlad III

Vlad was the prince of Wallachia, known as the famous „Dracula“. He was one of the most emblematic tyrants in history, as he subjected many victims to several punishments, violence, and death. And is known for torturing many, beheading or impaling them, and doing other inhumane acts.


Hitler is possibly the best-known dictator in the world. He was also one of the cruelest, killing almost 20 million people simply because of their race, sex, or religion. His victims were mainly Jews, African Americans, and gypsies.

Ismail Enver Pasha

He was one of the cruelest dictators to ever exist. Born in Turkey, Pasha was the leader of the revolution of young Turks and was part of World War I. His mandate was based on massacres, and he ordered to kill over 3 million people.

Pol Pot

He was a Cambodian leader who served as prime minister. One of the policies implemented under his command was the deprivation of the right to education and health care for the people who didn’t accept to leave the city to go to the countryside. He killed over 2 million people who simply didn’t share his ideals.

These are some of the many evil dictators that have existed in the history of politics. Being guilty of many crimes against humanity, and for others, their cruelty certainly had no end.